Best deduplication in the industry

Altaro VM Backup with Augmented Inline Deduplication improves backup and restore speed. It is the best deduplication in the industry, creating the smallest backup size. Augmented Inline Deduplication runs across all backup jobs in real-time and there is no need to group VMs together like what most other vendors require. Altaro's deduplication technology never makes use of post processing.

Faster & Leaner backups

  • Best deduplication in the industry. Augmented Inline Deduplication for all VMs
  • Much lower storage requirements. Creates the smallest backup
    size compared to other backup vendors
  • Faster backups (less data to transfer)
  • Efficiency increases as more VM backups are added. Huge savings on storage!

Altaro is provider of choice for Hyper-V and VMware backup. 30,000 small and mid-market businesses trust Altaro to protect their virtual environments.